The Beast (no.2 of 3)

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This knife is simple a beast. Its over 12mm (1/2inch) of get off my lawn! More Axe than kukri its ground to smash anything in front of it. This project was 14 months in the making and it was one of the most time consuming and expensive builds I've done to date. But the results where a unique blade you won't see from any other maker out there! there is a build video on this one showing some of what I needed to do to make this bloody thing (

The specs are
- 390mm overall (260mm blade)
- OVER 12mm THICK!!!
- Sup9 tool steel (similar to 5160)
- Convex ground blade
- Black cerakoted blade finish for rust resistance
- Canvas Micarta handles (texured)
- Blue g10 liners
- Black t15 bolts
- Matching paracord loop
- Kydex sheath with polished edges
- Free shipping within Australia (different rates apply internationally)

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Image of The Beast (no.2 of 3) Image of The Beast (no.2 of 3) Image of The Beast (no.2 of 3) Image of The Beast (no.2 of 3)