Micro grunt (camo)


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by far my smallest tier 2 model. Being so small they are good to chuck into a pocket or a handbag. If your after a tiny edc fixed blade that steel can handle some decent cutting this is the one for you

The specs are:

- 87mm overall (37mm edge)
- Aeb-l stainless steel
- Chisel hollow ground bevels (right handed)
- Acid stonewash finish
- Belt finish contrasting bevels (400grit)
- Layered camo g10 handles (beadblasted)
- Rounded handles
- Matching 2 tone hardware
- Matching g10 lanyard
- Paracord lanyard
- Rounded spine
- Kydex sheath with polished edges
- Free shipping within Australia (different rates apply internationally)


finished and ready too ship

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Image of Micro grunt (camo) Image of Micro grunt (camo) Image of Micro grunt (camo)