DB custom 1075 (blem)

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This is a one off custom I did out of a piece of 1075 high carbon steel. It's completely hand made and heat treated by me. This is also the first milled fuller I've ever done

The specs are
- 1075 high carbon steel (non stainless)
- 252mm overall (110mm handle)
- Milled fuller
- Chisel ground bevels (hollow ground)
- Belt finish satin bevels for contrast(400grit)
- Forced patina blade finish
- epoxy treated paracord handle for permanence and water resistance
- paracord lanyard
- Free shipping within Australia (different rates apply internationally)


finished and ready too ship

*this knife is a blem. this is because the epoxy didn't coat the handle as evenly as I would have liked. its still 100% functional but Its a flaw that I didn't feel comfortable charging full price for. so I've knocked the price down a fair bit

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Image of DB custom 1075 (blem) Image of DB custom 1075 (blem) Image of DB custom 1075 (blem) Image of DB custom 1075 (blem)