D6 (Forrest green)

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These are a everyday carry fixed blade design I'm making. The design is smaller to fit as much knife into the smallest package possible, thus making it easier to carry. These are primarily designed for inside the waistband carry or neck knife carry.

The specs are

- Aeb-l stainless steel
- 177mm overall (77mm blade)
- Acid stonewash finish
- Fat mirror polished front edge
- Logo pattern etching on spine
- Forrest green g10 handles
- rock pattern on handles and spine
- Copper pins
- Paracord lanyard
- Taco style fold over sheath with polished edges (suitable for neck knife carry)
- free shipping within Australia (different rates apply internationally)

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Image of D6 (Forrest green) Image of D6 (Forrest green) Image of D6 (Forrest green) Image of D6 (Forrest green)